World Voice Day – It’s time to love your voice

Voice geeks across the globe will join forces later this month for World Voice Day (WVD), an event to improve awareness of this most sophisticated and vital communication tool.

Despite the crucial role the voice plays in almost every facet our lives – allowing us to articulate everything from our most basic needs to our most intricate emotions – the voice is hugely misused, misunderstood and underappreciated.

Singing teachers, physicians, speech-language pathologists and scientists hope WVD on 16 April will help change this.

WVD will encourage all those who use their voice for business or pleasure to appreciate it and learn how to take care of it.

The event will also provide a platform to share the latest voice research. In the past 20 years our understanding of how the voice works has grown enormously, but there is still much to learn and a growing number of scientists and pedagogues are devoting their time to research in this area. Technology has also helped; check out how MRI has helped scientists capture what happens when we sing.

And if you’ve ever wondered exactly what exactly happens inside your throat when you sing, watch this clip of how the vocal folds work in four singers performing the same hymn. The video was created by Sara Lundberg.

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