Who are the stars behind open letter calling for action on ‘Brexit mess’?

A host of artists and influential music industry figures have signed a letter raising concern about the impact of the ongoing Brexit debacle on the music industry.

With no end to the political shenanigans in sight, stars including Fran Healy, Paloma Faith, Annie Lennox, Chrissie Hynde and Billy Bragg have signed a letter urging politicians to focus on protecting the interests of the £4.5 billion music industry. The Musicians’ Union, the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors and Association of Independent Music have also signed the letter.

The letter, compiled by lobby group Music4EU, raises two key concerns. The first is the impact of ending freedom of movement on performers.

“It is critical to find a way out of this mess,” the letter says.

“In the Post-Brexit UK, there is a clear risk that reaching consumers and fans will be more expensive, and international markets will be harder to access.”

The other key concern is the copyright ramifications for UK musicians should we leave the EU.

In recent months the EU has been hammering away at legal reforms to ensure digital platforms better reward artists and songwriters for their creative efforts. Campaigners fear that if we leave the EU, UK artists will not reap the benefits of these reforms.

“The EU’s proposed reforms to the Digital Single Market, many of which were submitted by the UK, are intended to help consumers and technology businesses grow the market yet further, and the proposals for the EU Copyright Directive are designed to help protect the value of our industry’s output on major technology platforms,” says the letter.

“The UK music industry could be at a significant disadvantage to our peers in the countries remaining in the EU without these protections.”

Read the letter in full HERE

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