What’s the number one voice killer? Your singing questions answered

vocal health

What’s the number one voice killer? When should you seek medical help for a vocal problem? What difference can diet make to your performance? And how you can start vocal improvisation?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions don’t worry, the V-Team are here to help.

The V-Team is a group of top vocal coaches: Chris Johnson, Steve Giles, Joshua Alamu and iSing’s founder and editor Line Hilton.

These guys know their stuff and have helped hundreds of singers develop successful – and sustainable – professional careers. They’ve made a series of videos, covering everything from vocal health to technique and style.

Here is Chris Johnson explaining what the number one voice killer is (hint, it’s pulling chest), why it happens and how we can avoid it. Tune in and start learning.

Our mission is to empower the singer through their voice, performance, health, understanding of the biz, and mindset so they can go out and create to their heart’s content.