What to watch: Four videos on singing and vocal health

If you’re looking to up your game as a singer, then here are four videos on the voice that we think you should watch.

The videos cover:

  • Muscle memory – how it can help you as a singer and how you can develop it
  • Vocal health – how to spot trouble signs and identify the cause of vocal problems
  • Exercise – Work that bod and help your voice
  • How to break the rules but not your voice – what you need to know before you go messing with extreme vocal styles such as growling, belting or screaming.

They’ve been made by the V-Team, aka top vocal coaches Chris Johnson, Steve Giles, Joshua Alamu and iSing’s founder and editor Line Hilton. These guys know their stuff and are committed to supporting pro and semi-pro singers on their learning journey.

The V-Team series was made in conjunction with Vocalzone, the people who make throat lozenges and tea formulated specifically for vocal care. Happy viewing.