What singers need to know about a no-deal Brexit


With the October 31 deadline looming and the political crisis deepening, singers need to be as prepared as they can be for a no-deal Brexit.

Here at iSingmag we don’t (unfortunately) have a crystal ball. So we are no wiser than anyone else as to how and when the current Brexit situation will be resolved.

What we do know, however, is that lots of singers love the creative stuff but hate the administrative stuff. And we presume that like us, you haven’t delved too deeply into what a no-deal Brexit would mean for you professionally. You’re an artist not a politician, right? Why worry about something which may never happen?

Sorry to sound like a wet blanket but with October 31 fast approaching, it’s time to take a little time to do some research and prepare yourself (as best you can) for all eventualities. We’re not saying no-deal is a dead cert, but we do think you should consider what a no-deal would mean for you and make some plans.

It’s something all singers should do, but especially those who: have gigs in Europe lined up in November and December; are European nationals who are based in the UK; or are UK nationals based in Europe.

Think about what it could mean for you and your band. Consider how you will meet your gigging commitments, and what it could mean for how you sell and move your merch, transport instruments and deal with fan data and copyright issues.

There’s a lot of stuff to think about but don’t panic. Thankfully the folk over at UK Music have put together a guide for what could happen in the event of a no-deal. We recommend you read through it. As they say knowledge is power.

Read more about Brexit and music industry HERE.

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