The Voice Clinic: Troubleshooting Webinar

Date: Tuesday 24th September
Time: 7.00pm GMT
Venue: Online
Total Spaces: 100


Bring your singing questions and challenges to this clinic where the incredible Line Hilton will help troubleshoot the problem with you.

The clinic is done via Webinarjam so you can type your questions in the chatbox and even share your screen to play recordings or performances to discuss if you wish.

Of course, you will also be able to learn from other peoples questions and to share your experience to help another singer.

Things you might need help with:

  • Vocal technique
  • Vocal health and wellbeing
  • Performance anxiety
  • Fill in the blank ________________

You will need a microphone if you want to talk to us. Chat also available, camera optional.                                                                                           

Line’s mission is to raise industry standards for vocal, mental and physical health and wellbeing in singers. Line takes a functional approach to training the voice and a holistic approach to working with the performer. Drawing on a diverse pool of training, qualifications, experiences and skills her coaching also involves work around the mindset, practice strategies, health and wellbeing, identity and resilience. As well as working with signed and developing artists and professional voice users, Line is a singing teacher trainer and publishes the online magazine for singers, iSingmag.

Line Hilton MSc PAM, B. MusEd (Jazz), Wraw Master Practitioner