Vocal warm ups, are they necessary?


Topic: Vocal Warm Up Series 1 of 3: What Does The Science Say? 


shutterstock_312323522 copyWorld renowned voice scientist, Dr Ingo Titze (of the straw therapy fame) shares his in-depth scientific understanding of vocal warm ups and what current research is saying. BUT in language you will understand! This is a recording of the original webinar.

Topic: Vocal Warm Up Series 2 of 3: What Does The Vocal Coach Say?

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shutterstock_312323522 copyVocal coach Joshua Alamu works with singers of all levels with a vast amount of experience getting pro singers ready for touring and recording. He spent a couple of seasons on The Voice and now works with Fleur East and Little Mix, both of whom are receiving rave reviews around their vocals. Joshua shares his extensive experience of getting voices ready for touring and recording. This is a recording of the original webinar.

Topic: Vocal Warm Up Series 3 of 3: What Does The Touring Singer Say?  

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 23.12.18shutterstock_312323522 copyKatie Holmes-Smith has been singing since she was very young. She comes from a dance background so understands the discipline of getting the muscles and joints ready for strenuous activity. How has she applied this into voice? Katie shares her vocal prep routines, the trials and tribulations of the voice, on and off tour, with artists such as Professor Green, Jessie J and Olly Murs. We were very fortunate to catch her between gigs on Adele’s current tour. She even reveals a few behind the scenes secrets about Adele’s vocal routine…This is a recording of the original webinar.

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Joshua Alamu is a professional voice coach with over 15 years experience as a singing teacher in the music and television industry. He has been a voice coach for the TV talent show The Voice UK and is currently vocal coach stars such as Fleur East, Little Mix and JP Cooper. Joshua’s video-enhanced vocal style course Mad About Vocal Style part 1 was launched in 2014 to rave reviews. Joshua is also the co-founder of Ultimate Artists, the UK’s most in-demand artist development camp (eight days of music industry mentorship and artist development).