Vocal health: Tips to bust bad habits and look after your voice

vocal health

If you’re after vocal health advice from experts you can trust, then tune into the V-Team on YouTube.

The V-Team is a group of top vocal coaches – Chris Johnson, Steve Giles, Joshua Alamu and iSing’s founder and editor Line Hilton – who have a wealth of industry experience.

After helping hundreds of singers develop successful careers, they’ve pooled their knowledge and made a series of videos, covering everything from vocal health to technique and style. Here are four worth checking out.

Pulling chest, breaking the habit

Pulling chest is often described as the Number 1 Voice Killer as it can cause all sorts of serious vocal problems such as nodules and/or vocal haemorrhage. Thankfully Chris Johnson has a few tips to help singers break the habit and keep singing longer.

Should you sing with a cold?

It’s a scenario familiar to almost every singer. You have a cold and gig lined up, what should you do? Should the show go on? Or should you pull out and rest? Line Hilton outlines the questions you should ask yourself before you decide whether to sing or not and explains the risks to your vocal health of singing when you’re unwell.

Nutrition and vocal health

In this video Steve Giles talks nutrition and looks at whether singers should avoid dairy, caffeine and alcohol. He also covers reflux and how can it affect your singing performance and vocal health.

Dress to express

Moving slightly off the vocal health topic, Joshua Alamu looks at vocal style and how to dress to express. He’s not actually talking about the clothes that you wear, but how you embellish and colour a vocal performance. He explains the importance of being true to yourself as a performer.

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