Troubled PledgeMusic offers singers data from its platform


Embattled crowdfunding platform PledgeMusic has offered artists the chance to download their data – but made no mention of repaying the money it owes.

It’s not much, but in the sorry saga of crowdfunding platform PledgeMusic at least it’s something.

The company, which appears to be sliding into bankruptcy and is dogged by rumours that criminal charges could follow, has issued a message to artists.
(To read the full story about PledgeMusic’s demise CLICK HERE).

It offers those who used the site to raise funds for music projects the chance to download their own data (if this is you we advise you do it promptly HERE, but be warned it could take a little bit of time due to the volume of requests).

Artists to end up empty-handed

Reading between the lines, it appears that all those artists who are owed money are going to get nothing. If there was ever a glimmer of hope that PledgeMusic might be saved, that now seems extinguished.

The note about data almost appears to be saying, “sorry folks, there’s nothing left to give so you can have your data as a kind of consolation”.

This is a real blow for artists who reached out to their fans for support to bring music projects to life. Fans donated in good faith, assuming their money would go to their artist of choice. The fact that these funds didn’t reach the singer or band in question and have been re-directed to cover the debts of a badly run company is an outrage.

The Association of Independent Music (AIM) has released some guidance for artists caught up in the PledgeMusic situation. You can read it HERE.

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