Top tips on vocal health and style

vocal health

It’s time for your monthly dose of vocal health and style tips from the V-Team. So tune in for some short, snappy videos on vocal rest, voice professionals and making mistakes.

Vocal rest and recovery

What do most people do after a long run or a gruelling gym workout? They warm-down and rest, of course, because after a sweaty session it’s what their body needs. But what do singers do after a big gig? Oftentimes, still buzzing after a performance, the “warm down” involves a couple of drinks, lots of chat – and before you know it the party’s in full swing. It sounds harmless enough but, as Chris Johnson explains in this video, it isn’t the best thing for your instrument. He doesn’t want to be a wet blanket, but would like you to take his vocal health advice.

What are ENTs and SLTs and how do they differ from singing teachers?

What do ENTs (Ear, Nose and Throat specialists) and an SLTs (Speech and Language Therapists) do? How can these medical professionals help singers? And how does a singing teacher fit into the mix? Line Hilton explains the different roles of these professionals and how they can help you stay in top vocal shape.

How to chill out

We all know that relaxation is paramount to singing. But in a world that never seems to stop it can be hard to find the right balance. In this video Steve Giles talks about massage, meditation and his all-time favourite yoga. Not only does yoga help you relax, it also boosts your breathing, posture and strength.

Vocal style – feel free to mess up

One of the most common mistakes singers make is that they frantically try not to make mistakes. In fact, those messy moments, where things don’t turn out exactly as you’d hoped, can be the most powerful learning opportunities. Tune in to watch Josh Alamu explain the importance of risk-taking and making mistakes.

Our mission is to empower the singer through their voice, performance, health, understanding of the biz, and mindset so they can go out and create to their heart’s content.