Top doctors’ verdict on Justin Timberlake’s cancelled gigs

Top voice doctors have praised Justin Timberlake for admitting he needs to take time out to recover from bruised vocal cords.

Rather than pushing through – and risking further and more serious damage – Timberlake last week cancelled two major gigs in New York.

It was a brave move as stars such as Adele and Pink have copped huge amounts of flak for cancelling gigs due to ill health. Last year Adele was accused of having “zero work ethic” when she pulled out of two Wembley concerts due to vocal injury.

The backlash demonstrated that while the public is understanding – and often sympathetic – when top sports stars need to address injury problems, the same can’t be said for pro singers. Awareness is low about the challenges vocalists face to keep their voices in good shape while meeting the demands of gruelling tour schedules.

In response to Timberlake’s announcement, LA laryngologist Dr Reena Gupta said on Instagram: “Cancelling is the smart move but still stinks to see it happen to a talented voice. Wishing JT a speedy recovery to full vocal health.

“I gotta say though, I do love that he calls it what it is. It means the real science is finally getting out there if people are talking about bruising.”

Meanwhile Dr Steven Zeitels of Harvard University told Billboard Timberlake was wise to take action: “This is not a situation that will solve itself. If you don’t straighten it out more often than not, it will tend to keep happening, and if it gets difficult to manage, you don’t know what will happen in the future from the rigours of touring.”

If you’re a pro singer, get pro-active and learn more about vocal health and how to avoid injury.

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