Tip of the week: Emma King’s singing secret weapons

Whether she’s on the road or in the studio, singer-songwriter Emma King always takes two items with her. Here she reveals her favourite singing must-haves.

Secret weapon No. 1

first singing secret weapon is my Dr Nelson steamer, I never go to a show, radio performance or studio session without it. It’s amazing for hydration, makes you feel incredibly calm and keeps you nice and warm…what’s not to love! It’s great for when you’re feeling a little under the weather too; it really soothes those vocal chords during tough sessions. It’s also easy to pack with you and fill up when you’re on the go, so it’s handy for a travelling musician. This is always my number one recommendation.

Secret weapon No. 2

If I’m feeling hoarse (which is rare these days thanks to Dr Nelson) I have a back-up spray which is called Entertainer’s Secret. I was sceptical of this at first and I don’t like to use it too often, but if you need to get through something important, it’s perfect. I recently had laryngitis the day before supporting Sophie Ellis-Bextor. I didn’t want to cancel so I called my friend and long-time singing mentor Ann Bailey. She worked with me on FaceTime to try and bring something back with some gentle exercises and then in the evening I used a tiny amount of this spray and I was able to perform the show. Let me be clear, this is a last resort product – you don’t want to disguise or ignore long term pain. But it did give a little relief for a difficult night.

Emma’s latest album Electric Soul Therapy is out now.

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