Three top tips for singers on social media

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A cappella singer Peter Hollens has millions of online followers and a thriving digital empire. Here are his three top tips for slaying social media.

Respond to everyone who messages you

I answer everything. I view my unrealistic desire to respond to everyone on every platform as one of the reasons why I’m a successful musician.

If you’re not responding to your followers, then it’s just like they walked into your bricks and mortar store on Fifth Avenue and asked for a product and you just sat there and ignored them. That person has the potential to give you revenue for your entire life and you opted out from spending four seconds of your life to thank them.

Don’t be afraid to crowdsource

I crowdsource as much as I can. Not only does it make my audience feel important, but it’s also incredibly useful. If you have people who truly care about you and what you do, why would you not use them?

I’m not afraid to listen to my fans and take suggestions – I know some artists hate the idea of that. But if a thousand people say they want you do something, why would you just ignore that? I can tell you from hundreds of requests that I’ve done that my audience sometimes knows my voice better than I do.

Show who you are as a person

If you aren’t showing who you are on your social media you’re doing yourself a disservice. If you don’t open up to some degree, you’re doing it wrong.

Put yourself and your music out there. It doesn’t need to be something with a high production level. If something is raw, it’s authentic and genuine and you have a higher chance of connecting with people. You singing into your phone can be the greatest thing. You can create something that engages with someone and makes them feel emotion. What people crave is human connection and you don’t need an expensive mic and video to do that. Your music is secondary to you connecting with another human.


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