Think you have challenges breathing when singing? This wonderful singer had challenges breathing for living.

As singers we spend a lot of time thinking about and practicing the correct breathing for singing. Let’s not go into how confusing the information and methods are. Suffice to say we tend to focus on taking in enough air in the right way and ensuring we don’t lose it all before the phrase or note needs to end. But have you ever thought what a challenge this might be with a body that is working against you? For instance with a condition such as Pulmonary hypertension,which affects not only your breathing, but your life expectancy. Or having to relearn to breathe with another persons lungs and a pile of steroidal drugs in your system? Not once in your life, but twice? Well, Charity Tillemann-Dick has, she not only does she continue to sing but she also shares her inspirational story, and has written a book about her life so far. Here is a talk she gave for ConferenceForum, which explains her condition, the gruelling treatment, consequent lung transplants and how her drive to continue singing kept her going through it all.

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