Katie Holmes-Smith, The Backing Vocalist

“You can go from pop sessions, to classical singing, to gospel, to any style of singing and I love the variety of it.”

Line Hilton from iSing Magazine met up with cover gal – Katie Holmes-Smith, and four other very talented singers, Lloyd Wade, Andy Playfoot, Louise Bagan and Craig Stein, who all who work regularly as backing vocalists. These guys have sung with some of the biggest artists out there, such as Adele, Jessie J, Professor Green, Lily Allan, Kylie Minogue, Will Young, Chaka Khan, Westlife, George Michael, Eliza Doolittle and Take That. Between them they have performed at all the major UK music festivals, as well as strutted practically every significant stadium and live venue. They all have careers in their own right, both as singers and, as in the case of Andy and Craig, actors too.

These five came together to form a vocal group called Band of Voicesshowcasing their talents on Britain’s Got Talent 2013. They blew away Simon Cowell and all the judges with their rendition of Jessie J’s Price Tag, going on to eventually reach the semi-finals.

Band Of Voices Photo by Matthew Joseph
Band Of Voices

In this video interview, we meet the group and hear what they have to say about the role and job of the backing vocalist, how each of them got into the game, what kinds of experiences it has brought them, how they fit their job in and around their own artistic ambitions. We get some top backing vocal tips.

Band of Voices did an exclusive for iSing Magazine, here is their cover of Katy Perry’s Roar:

Website:  bandofvoices.co.uk

Feature photos: Matthew Joseph


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