Allergies and the voice

Most people associate allergies with the classic symptoms seen in commercials: itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. For singers, allergies, even when not accompanied by these dramatic symptoms, can have very sinister effects on the voice. The postnasal drip that is caused by allergies can actually cause laryngitis. When mild, this may only cause […]

Attack of the Polyps

When a young pop star needs surgery on their vocal cords it can be a singer’s worst nightmare. Performances have to be cancelled and tours prematurely ended. Adele and Sam Smith have both taken time off from the music scene due to haemorrhaged polyps, and Jess Glynne, currently enjoying whirlwind success after five consecutive number […]

Managing your vocal workload

Vocal Workload through Non-Singing Activities Few words bring more dread to the performer than “vocal rest”. When I see a hemorrhage, laryngitis, or other problem and recommend voice rest, it is inevitably followed by questions of, “What counts as voice use”? Whether the singer is simply unsure about the answer or trying to negotiate upcoming […]

Travelling and your voice

Travelling and Your Voice The touring artist is very familiar with how traveling can wreak havoc on the voice. However, there are ways to reduce the strain of travelling and increase the odds of surviving tour. Dehydration Whether you are packed into a tour bus or flying across continents, travelling results in dehydration. On a […]