Vocal improvisation: How to take your first steps into the unknown

Vocal coach and jazz virtuoso ANTONIO DE LILLIS explains how singers can get started with the practice of improvisation. Improvisation benefits a singer in many ways: it develops technical skills, intonation, timing and phrasing and stimulates creativity and problem-solving abilities (read my article on why singers should improvise HERE). Last but not least it has a […]

Mary King: The power of posture and good singing technique

Distinguished vocal coach Mary King believes there’s no substitute for hard work, good posture and great technique. She’s worked across classical, jazz, musical theatre and contemporary genres at top institutions such as the Royal Academy of Music, Glyndbourne and the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. She’s also a writer and broadcaster and regular consultant […]

Beating performance anxiety

Performance anxiety (PA) can be a career crippling condition. Just ask Barbra Streisand who gave up live performing for 27 years and NKOTB’s Jonathan Knight who became a virtual recluse. Even at its mildest, PA can prevent you from enjoying your performance experience and hamper your ability to deliver to the best of your potential. […]