The Role of a Music Lawyer

So, what does a music lawyer do? The music industry is very complicated: there’s so many sources of income for artists, and even more if you write. Every time that there’s some sort of transaction in music, it involves the concept of intellectual property. Something like a song for example, is quite a nebulous thing. […]

The perfect EPK

Polishing Your Image – Tips for a Perfect EPK Truth: If you are pursuing a professional career in the arts or music you really should (actually insert “must”) have an electronic press kit (epk) to display your work. If a picture is worth more than a thousand words, video footage beats a riveting novel-esque resume […]

Finding your own space on Youtube

Throwing cookie dough at  the wall only to  see what sticks, that’s  a game that the music industry played for a long time. Called Production Driven Strategy in the world of commerce, the idea was that the one project that worked did so well that it more than  made up for the  countless others that didn’t.  And […]