Spotify to end indie artist upload scheme


Indie artists take note: Spotify is making changes to the way you can submit music to the service. Here’s what you need to know.

Spotify is pulling the plug on a feature that allowed indie artists to upload their music directly to the platform.

This means artists who were using Spotify’s Upload Beta feature have until the end of the month to make alternative arrangements with a third-party distributor to ensure their music makes it on to the service.

If you fall into this category and need to transition to a distributor, CLICK HERE for a full list of Spotify preferred distributors.

The end of the scheme

Spotify is dropping its Beta Upload scheme after almost a year. It says it has decided to leave this part of the process in the hands of distribution partners.

In a statement Spotify says: “Over the past year, we’ve vastly improved our work with distribution partners to ensure metadata quality, protect artists from infringement, provide their users with instant access to Spotify for Artists, and more.”

The tech giant intends to instead focus resources on developing tools unique to the brand such as Spotify for Artists (which more than 300,000 creators use to gain new insight into their audience) and its playlist submission tool.

Spotify has about 40% of the global streaming market and about 270 million users. It does most of its business in the US and Europe and recently released Spotify Lite, an app for Android phones, in a bid to win more customers in places like Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

If you’ve released music as part of the Beta Upload scheme, here’s more useful information.

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