SK Shlomo’s new one-man show on depression and recovery

mental health and depression

SK Shlomo will explore the themes of depression and recovery in a one-man theatre show at the Edinburgh Fringe.

SK Shlomo is turning his latest album into a one-man theatre show that will incorporate his world class beatboxing skills with his newfound career as a solo singer.

As he explained to iSingmag earlier this year, Shlomo had always dreamed of being a solo artist in his own right, but this ambition was eclipsed by his career as a beatboxer.

For many years he “used the excuse that beatboxing was a live artform, but really I was afraid of getting it wrong”.

But after a bout of life-threatening depression he found the courage to put his own music out there and released Surrender, a collection of his own songs drawing on his experience of depression and recovery.

The album is the inspiration behind the new one-man show which Shlomo says will merge “breathtaking beatboxing, crushingly honest storytelling, bleeding edge live looping and epic electronic music”.

He will perform it at the Edinburgh Fringe and the Underbelly Cowgate from 1 to 23 August and at the Underbelly Southbank on 19 September.

To read more about how Shlomo faced up to his mental health issues and found a new sense of strength and confidence CLICK HERE.

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