Sharlotte Gibson – what is the singer’s secret?

So what is the singer’s secret. No, it’s not a magic throat spray that restores vocal function and reduces swelling and irritation. I’m speaking of the key to longevity and success!

As a singer, I get a lot of correspondence from various vocalists asking me to “put them on” or think of them if an opportunity comes up. As a mentor and coach, I’m often asked about how I got into the business and what steps one should take to have a career like mine (careful what you ask for!). Giving advice is a big part of what I do, and I enjoy it, hoping I can offer help the next person make the right decision for them. When I was starting out, I had the same questions and desires, but no one who shared their special formula with me. Along the way, I managed to learn and discover a few things that have helped me continue my journey as an artist for almost 25 years. It’s not rocket science really. If I did it, you can too.

When I was a little girl and I declared that I wanted to be a singer when I grew up, I had no idea what I was really saying. I knew I wanted to be on the radio, and have my voice heard by millions of people, but I never imagined all the hard work, heartache, practice, long hours, patience, networking, re-invention and faith that it would take. Having played many different creative roles, I’ve seen the ups and downs as well as seen many people come and go, some because of bad situations and others because they made bad decisions.

So how do you come, and stay? Is there in fact a secret formula? With the age of the internet taking over, the industry traditions of getting a record deal have died and artist development is an archaic concept. It’s all about views, hits and likes. As an artist, if you don’t grow, transform, or get tech savvy, you will get lost. And although those things help in today’s world, the answer is not (solely) shock value social media posts, or found in a bottle of hair dye either.

The answer is no secret. It’s found when you start at the beginning. It’s found in rediscovering who you are and your purpose for singing. It’s the one and only thing you can control and that can’t be denied. Talent. Real, authentic talent. And when you’ve got it, coupled with determination and an open mind, you’ve got the answer to lasting in the music business and the power to adapt, grow and maintain in an ever-changing industry.

Yesterday pop, today blues, tomorrow world music. For the past 21 years, working singer Sharlotte Gibson has graced stages with some of the world’s most accomplished, successful artists including Whitney Houston, Brandy, Queen Latifah and Nine Inch Nails. So far she has safely navigated the waters of this unstable business. You can’t spend that much time in the game and not have tasted the fruit of every musical tree. In this issue iSing catches up with Sharlotte, as she shares her secrets to success and gives us a glimpse of how her talent has kept her going and propelled her to become one of the music’s most sought-after vocalists.



  1. Be nice and courteous, it’s free.
  2. Be punctual for your rehearsals and gigs.
  3. Care about what you’re singing, and care about listening. If you’re not genuine, it will come across in your vocals.
  4. Be versatile. Listen and learn as many styles of music as you can.
  5. Leverage all your talents, gifts and knowledge to keep you working and open up doors for you. It may not be all about music, but it can always enhance your music.


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Denosh Bennett is a Canadian-born singer, dancer and artistic director with two decades of experience in the entertainment industry. Her versatility and broad résumé has led her to tour as a dancer and/ or backing vocalist with many international artists including Faith Evans, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Drake, Whitney Houston, Robbie Williams, Demi Lovato and Rihanna.