Tip of the week: How to set goals for career success

Set goals

It’s important to set clear goals to keep your singing career on track, says singer-songwriter and award-winning beatboxer SK Shlomo.

SK Shlomo’s career has had many highs. He’s worked with the likes of Bjork and Ed Sheeran, played Glastonbury (loads of times) and released his own solo album. (Read more about it HERE).

Achieving all this didn’t come about by chance though. It took hard work, persistence and a serious plan.

The British artist is an advocate of dreaming big and then devising a clear blueprint to turn that blue-sky thinking into stone-cold reality.

“My advice is to allow yourself to dream really big – and then take tiny steps towards achieving that dream,” he explains.

Step one – Define your vision of success

“The first thing you have to do is figure out what it is you want. Only you can define what success looks like for you. Is it to headline Glastonbury with Beyonce supporting? Or is to play solo in your local pub on your guitar? It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s your dream.”

Step two – Plot your course

Once you’ve nailed down your ultimate ambition, the next step is to plot your course of action.

“Start by taking tiny steps,” he says. “Set goals that are achievable. It might be making a music video or livestreaming a performance or gigging at a certain venue. If there is somewhere you really want to perform, spend time there. See what a show feels like in the venue. Take notes on how other performers do it. Visualise yourself performing in that space. Just keep moving forward.”

It’s also important to regularly step back and evaluate your progress. “Keep coming back to the little blueprint you have. Keep asking yourself: ‘If I do this, will it help me achieve my goal?’.”

Step three – Stay positive

Remember there will be plenty of setbacks along the way. They’re part of the journey and don’t mean you’re a failure.

“You will have tough gigs. Everyone does. Don’t think people who you look up to haven’t had tough gigs. They’ve just picked themselves up again and again. And that’s what you have to do. You just have to keep going.”

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SK Shlomo’s album Surrender is out next month.

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