Rising pop star AMiR talks about his new single

North London singer-songwriter AMiR has barely paused for breath since launching his solo pop career last year. His brand of catchy, dance-friendly pop has won him a legion of fans.

2017 was quite a year for AMiR. He released two well received singles, Drench Me With Your Lust and All Or Nothing, spent time recording in LA, New York and Miami, and made it onto BBC Asian Network’s Sound Of 2018 shortlist.

Now he’s back with a new track, No-One Else, a funk-rich pop number and hoping to release an album later this year.

The multi-instrumentalist says he’s taking his meteoric rise in his stride. “To be honest I’m just doing what I love to do. I can remember being three and thinking ‘I’m going to be a musician’. Growing up in London all my friends wanted to be footballers and thought I was a weirdo for wanting to be a musician. I didn’t care. I’ve never been interested in anything else.”

AMiR spent his youth playing the drums, guitar and keys. At college a tutor invited him to join a covers band and he was soon touring the UK with them as lead vocalist.

Determined to write his own music, he honed his songwriting skills, taking inspiration from his parents’ favourite artists: Michael Jackson, George Michael and James Brown. “I channel all of them,” he says. “Vocally I’m really inspired by Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury and Craig David lyrically I’m influenced by Eminem.”

He may be a relative newcomer to the industry, but AMiR sounds like an old pro when he talks about the business.

“I have full creative control, it’s really important to me,” he says. “I would advise anyone starting out to make sure they know everything that’s going on with their career. Ask questions and have a point of view. If someone says ‘Don’t worry about it, you don’t need to know about that’ that’s the thing you need to know about.

“It’s also important that you never give up. At the beginning of your career no one else is going to believe in you. You just have to keep going.”


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