Push to protect singers from sexual harassment

sexual harassment

Stopping sexual harassment in the music industry is back on the agenda with a petition calling for tougher laws in the workplace.

The Musicians’ Union (MU) has renewed its call for more to be done to prevent sexual harassment in the industry.

Figures reveal one in two women and two in three LGBT workers have been sexually harassed at work.

The MU is backing a petition calling for the government to strengthen the law to prevent sexual harassment at work before it happens.

It wants a new, easily enforceable legal duty, requiring employers to take all reasonable steps to protect workers from sexual harassment and victimisation. To sign the petition CLICK HERE. To follow the campaign on social media, look out for #ThisIsNotWorking

More protection for freelancers

Improving protection in the workplace is only part of the story. Due to the nature of the music business, many singers are essentially freelancers. They don’t have a line manager, or an HR department to turn to if they experience bad behaviour. This makes speaking out problematic.

Often singers worry that speaking out will have a negative impact on their career and tarnish their reputation in the industry. With this in mind, the MU is also calling for more protection for freelancers.

“We’ve heard so many stories of performers being harassed,” the MU says. “We’ve heard so many musicians tell us that, as freelancers, they are afraid to speak out in case it affects future work. The system is not working.”

The MU plans to do more to highlight this issue when a government consultation on preventing sexual harassment at work kicks off. (It’s due to start soon, although with the current state of politics who knows what “soon” means.) To stay up-to-date with this campaign, register with the Musicians’ Union.

Website: musiciansunion.org.uk

To read more about this issue, and #MeToo and the music industry CLICK HERE

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