Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique and singing

The Alexander Technique can help singers perform with freedom, confidence and creativity, writes Laura Long. Several years ago a friend and fellow singing teacher had some Alexander Technique lessons, and was astonished by the results they produced. Excited and curious by this, I took lessons myself and was immediately struck by the far-reaching possibilities of […]

Menopause and the singer

Menopause and the Singer

Vocal coach Rebecca Reid explores how Menopause affects the singing voice and the best ways to manage symptoms. It is widely accepted that the voice is a sensitive instrument, affected by ageing, allergies, infection and hormone fluctuations. Menopause, caused by deducing reproductive hormones, such as oestrogen and progestogen, is the natural female transition from reproductive […]

Craig Lees, British Voice Association president

Meet Craig Lees, the British Voice Association’s new president

The British Voice Association (BVA) is a multi-disciplinary community of singers, singing teachers and healthcare professionals with a united cause: to promote and encourage healthy voice use. As well as sharing the latest in voice research, it provides advice on vocal technique, performance and vocal health and hygiene. Craig Lees, a vocal coach, choir director, […]

Skin receives apology from Stormzy

Stormzy says sorry to trailblazer Skin

Stormzy has given credit where it’s due and apologised for a hasty tweet in which he claimed that he was “the first black British artist to headline Glastonbury”. Sent in a flurry of social media activity just prior to taking the Pyramid stage on Friday, the text (dutifully repeated by the media) overlooked the fact […]

July's new music

#iSing: July’s new music

Check out new music from Amistat, EMM and SK. Amistat German twins Josef and Jan Prasil, aka Amistat, earnt their performing stripes on the streets of Melbourne after relocating to Australia in 2013. They steadily built a name for themselves thanks to their honest storytelling and tight-knit harmonies. The brothers enjoyed support from influential radio […]

Belau on collaborating wtih vocalists

Dance duo Belau on collaborating with vocalists

Electronica duo Belau has a strong track when it comes to collaborating with vocalists and recently joined forces with British singer Sophie Barker. Hungarian dance act Belau are rising stars on the European music scene thanks to their trademark sound, an uplifting combination of chilled out beats and ethereal vocals. To help create this evocative […]

Practice tips for singers

Practice tips for busy singers

Nurture your voice by taking a consistent approach to practice and tackling bite-sized goals every day, writes top performance coach Michelle Cohen. Do you battle fitting everything you want to do into your day? For musicians especially, finding the time to warm up, practice and learn new techniques, let alone perform, can seem impossible. When […]