elena ramona

Ep. 3 Guest: Elena Ramona

“If I die on stage, at least I die doing something I love” This podcast is an interview with pop singer/songwriter Elena Ramona, based in Surrey. Originally from the Greek “Mama Mia” island of Skiathos, Elena talks about her musical journey from classical vocal training, attending the  Academy of Contemporary Music, finding her vocal and songwriting […]

Podcast interview Joshua Alamu

Ep. 2 Guest: Joshua Alamu

 “I realised that when I was screwing up, that was actually where my break-throughs were taking place.” This podcast is an interview with top vocal coach, Joshua Alamu. Joshua shares some profound breakthroughs he’s experienced over the 20 years he’s been coaching singers. He’s recently been vocal coach to Fleur East, Little Mix, Rita […]

iSingmag Podcast Line Hilton

Ep.1 Guest: Line Hilton

“I created something I wish I’d had when I was starting out.” In this inaugural episode of the iSingmag podcast, Matt chats to the magazine’s founder, Line Hilton. They talk about how she found herself going from a jazz vocalist and singing teacher to becoming a publisher. Line explains where and how she sources the great […]