New Uke on the block

Kamaka Ukuleles are internationally famous for their rich tone, design and tradition.
The Hawaii-based manufacturer was founded by Samuel Kamaka and many of the practices used in creating his ukuleles have been handed down to generations. They are handmade to order and are highly regarded for their durability and composition.

London-based supplier Duke of Uke recently announced that they have become Kamaka’s UK dealer and pre-orders are already being accepted in store. Soprano, tenor and concert sized instruments are available and
All stock models have sound boards, backs and sides made of solid Hawaiian koa wood; mahogany necks and rosewood fret boards and bridges.1_Cover_New Uke on The Block

Kamaka are notorious for the invention of the pineapple ukulele. Samuel wanted to create something small that would produce a fuller and warmer sound. Although many companies (such as Kala, Luna and Lanikai) have emulated the pineapple uke, Kamaka holds the original patent (1928).

Kamaka ukuleles begin as rough Hawaiian koa lumber and meticulous attention to detail is paid when hand making them into exquisite musical instruments enjoyed by ukulele players and audiences across the globe.

The Kamaka name is synonymous with superior Hawaiian craftsmanship and Kamaka ukuleles are world-class instruments enjoyed by everyone from elementary school beginners to professional musicians.

The company is a truly family-run and inspired business with the firm becoming Kamaka and Sons Inc. in 1968. The sons of Sam Jr are also involved in the company, alongside some other family members and they all play major roles.


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