New music from refugee turned pop star Annprincess

New music from Annprincess

To mark Refugee Week, iSingmag brings you new music from Annprincess, an artist who found sanctuary in Norway after fleeing chaos, oppression – and her father.

Annprincess was just seven years old when she fled her home country of Liberia and found safety in Norway.

But she wasn’t just running from an oppressive regime, she was also escaping from her father, the notorious Prince Yormie Johnson.

He was a prominent figure in the first Liberian Civil War (1989-1997) and gained notoriety for killing anyone who opposed his views or actions – even peace-loving Hare Krishnas handing out food to starving people.

He also played a well-documented role in the torture and murder of President Samuel Doe, a dark chapter, caught on video, for which Prince Johnson has never been brought to justice.

But enough about him, let’s talk about her – the amazing Annprincess, who appears to have one amazing mother to boot.

Annprincess is one of President Doe’s ten children to eight wives. Her mother opposed the dictator and was jailed repeatedly for it – hence the need to flee their compound under the cover of darkness and build a new life on the other side of the world.

Mother and daughter settled in the quiet, picturesque, town of Lier in Norway. They learnt the language and rebuilt their lives. But there were challenges; Annprincess had to deal with comments from friends and strangers about the colour of her skin.

She found solace in singing. “The one thing that began giving me self-confidence was singing after a friend of mine told me I had a good voice,” she told Happiful magazine. “So at the age of 13 I started practising and writing songs, trying to hit those Celine Dion high notes.”

After a few years of honing her craft (and we imagine quite a few hours listening to Celine in her bedroom, lots of us have done it) Annprincess released Survive, which received worldwide airplay.

Next up is Wild Things, which showcases her gift for writing A&B infused pop.

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