New music: Check out Lawrence Taylor’s latest single

New music from Lawrence Taylor

After a difficult few years Lawrence Taylor is back in the game with new music and a new sense of determination.

There’s no need to tell Lawrence Taylor that the music business is a tough place to be – he knows perfectly well what it’s like to be swimming in tantalising offers one day and broke and alone the next.

The Birmingham singer songwriter has just released a new single, Poor Boy, after a tumultuous few years that tested his self-belief and faith in the industry.

Three years ago, Taylor, a charismatic performer who fronted several hard rock bands in his hometown before moving to London to hit the open mic scene, was on a roll.

His debut EP Bang Bang was racking up 250,000 streams a day and influential DJs Annie Mac and Zane Lowe were championing his music.

He toured Europe and North America with the likes of Birdy, Allen Stone and Zella Day and then, as it often does, it all started to go wrong.

By the end of 2017 he found himself broke and alone in a rundown LA hotel.

“I lost trust in the music business and the people who helped me open the doors that are so crucial at the start of an artist’s career,” he says. “I started to question if they would really have my back when I needed them most.”

Taylor split from his management team and tried to figure out what to do next. He explored ideas and sounds, both alone and with producers, and looked for new ways to work.

“I write pop songs, but I want to break the current formula. I want to get behind the system and find my space,” he says.

Taylor found a new record label (Glassnote Records) and management team to help him navigate the rocky waters of the music industry. Now he’s back, older, wiser and in fine form.  

He says: “It’s true that nobody wants you when you’re down and out, but I did find hope in the few people who do, and always will have, my back, and for that I’m forever grateful.”

Listen to his new single.

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