A love affair with style and music, Lucinda Belle (UK)

Lucinda Belle is a phenomenal musician, with a captivating
story—and an even more captivating sound.

Lucinda’s love affair with music began at a young age. A beginning
at the age of six she began learning the harp, which led to her becoming the first harpist in the National Children’s Orchestra. She later took on roles as a session harpist and backing singer for in-demand stars such as Rufus Wainwright, Annie Lennox, and Robbie Williams.

Belle’s vocal talent and musical ability eventually led to a record deal in 2010 with Universal, and a spot on the Radio 2 playlist with her acclaimed album, My Harp & 45 Strings.

Her incredible work ethic and skill has all led up to where Lucinda is today: a solid fan base, a catalog of phenomenal music, and a new album in the works.

Lucinda Belle is one of those unique artists that naturally comes equipped with the full package: a unique and strong voice, incredible skill, but also really great style. We decided to chat with Lucinda about her wardrobe, work, and how one can use fashion to brand themselves and propel their career.

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How do you feel style impacts an artist’s career?

I think style is different to fashion. Style is very important for an artist, it’s important to have a sense of your own style, step to your own beat if you will. Discover yourself and find your expression with what you wear. I like the idea of the juxtaposition of merging opposites…delivering the unexpected as well as the expected, combining opposing music and fashion/style forces.

What are some of your style influences?

My style influences tend to draw upon more retro influences, namely the ‘30’s and ‘50’s. I suit vintage clothes and feminine clothes. I often shop in flea markets and buy things I like, or I follow high couture designers and have dress makers make my own version, but always ensuring it suits my shape. Finding clothes that suit your shape I think is very important. And daring to be original is also necessary.

What are some easy fashion tips you would give to aspiring artists?

Find someone who you think has a similar shape to you whose style you like, that you like their style and start trying out that style on yourself. Play with makeup and hair ideas and find great Youtube videos that teach you different styles you can try yourself. Then get dressed up and go out, and see what response you get. I once got dressed up with pink eyelash extension, a huge puffed out skirt top, fur throw heels and fishnets..… just to go to my hair sylist… I wanted him to see my whole look. By the time we finished my hair had been teased so high I couldn’t drive home, as it was higher than the roof of my car!

I went home and made a Youtube video instead, go check it out! I’m singing, “Do It Like a Dude”, by Jesse J.

Has your style evolved with your career at all?

I’d say my style evolution has evolved from Rockabilly to Rock n Roll. I’ve gone from Rockabilly swing dresses that I used to customize, to corsets, all the way to pencil 50’s dresses. I’m now re-emerging into blinged out rock n roll look with trousers and lots of bling. Who knows? Just how I feel. I’m into Elvis right now.

How does fashion affect your stage presence and performance?

Fashion and style do give me more confidence on stage. It’s hard to find the balance of comfort on stage and making an impact. Performing in something that pulls you in the wrong places or obstructs your performance in some way can be very distracting and affect a show.

What are some do’s and don’t’s for artist fashion?

Just one thing, what ever you wear…. OWN IT!!!
Don’t follow trends.
Do find your own style.
Don’t completely imitate another artist or celebrity’s look.
Do play with it, mess around and make it more your own!
Don’t get stuck in a rut, give yourself freedom to try new things and keep on growing.

Website: www.lucindabelle.com

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