Mariah Carey’s back on top form

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is hot right now, earning rave reviews for her blistering vocal performances on tour and picking up top two awards.

Every star’s career has its ups and downs and for Mariah Carey things are definitely on the up. The vocal acrobat, who was the world’s biggest pop star in the 1990s, is currently enjoying a glittery career resurgence.

Awards recognition

Queen Mimi picked up two top gongs this month: Billboard’s Icon Award (past recipients include Prince, Stevie Wonder and Celine Dion) and the Ivor Novello Special International Award (we’re not exactly sure what this one’s for, we assume it’s 30 years of fabulousness).

On picking up the Billboard award an emotional Carey said: “I’ve always felt like an outsider – someone who doesn’t quite belong anywhere.

“And I still feel like that lost, interracial child who had a lot of nerve to believe I can succeed at anything at all in this world. But – and this is the truth – I did believe, because I had to.”

Live performances

She’s also been nailing it on her Caution World Tour, proving that even though she’s nearing 50 she can still hurdle five octaves in six-inch heels. (Note: Carey may even be 50, as with most divas she’s a little “coy” about her birth date.)

The songstress is sounding the best she has in years, which is good news as she has had her fair share of vocal issues including vocal nodules. (Read more about this, and a full analysis of her vocal technique HERE.)

Carey kicked off the European leg of her tour last week with a smashing performance at Dublin’s 3Arena. The Irish Times says she “smashed every goddam note” and that everything from her whistle register to her vocal runs and ad libs was first-rate.

Her next stop was London and the Royal Albert Hall, where Carey had performed 25 years earlier with Luther Vandross. Despite the passing years, Carey showed she is still a vocal powerhouse. As you would expect there were diamonds, glitter, eye-popping cleavage and most importantly killer vocals.

It all comes down to Glitter

Interestingly the momentum behind Carey’s current revival appears to have come from her most loyal fans – and one of her most under-rated albums. Superfans kicked off a social media campaign late last year, shortly before the release of her well received album Caution.

Their #JusticeForGlitter campaign was all about reviving interesting in her 2001 record Glitter, the album that accompanied her much-maligned foray into film.

And it worked. The viral campaign pushed Glitter to No. 1 on iTunes 17 years after it flopped, a turn events that surprised Carey as much as anyone else and introduced the powerhouse to a whole new audience.

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