Making the Most of your Photo Shoot

How To Kill It With Your Photo Shoot

London based singer/songwriter Lucinda Gallant invited us to join her as she had a photo shoot with photographer Matthew Joseph and Makeup Artist Lillie Lindh. We will get a glimpse of the different stages of the shoot and talk to Lucinda, Matthew and Lillie on how to get the best out of a photo shoot


Quick Tips

When sourcing a photographer, the most important thing to consider is whether the photographer’s experience matches up with what you do as an artist. Can they understand your genre/style and make it visual?

Word of mouth is the best way to find a good photographer and makeup artist.

£200 – £500 is a good photography budget for an unsigned artist.

Meeting in-person before the shoot is a great way to discuss items such as vision, what you want out of the shoot, what the photos will be used for, the style, booking a makeup artist, etc. It is also essential for getting a head start on building the rapport that is so important during the actual shoot itself.

Professional makeup artists are worth the added cost – they have been trained in the fine details of the trade!


Going to a makeup school nearby is a good way to find talented makeup artists that are also affordable.

Some makeup artists do hair as well, but if you’re looking to have an elaborate, extravagant hairstyle in your shoot, you’re probably better off hiring a separate hairstylist.

Don’t expect a makeup artist to be an expert on fashion or style. If you are wearing limited clothing, you will likely need some form of body makeup.

Prep and shoot

Quick Tips

Don’t try any new facial products closer than two weeks before the shoot; chances are your face will erupt.

Drink lots of water and get a good night’s sleep the night before. Your skin will look much better because of this.

Don’t turn up to the shoot with makeup on if you know you’re going to have a makeup artist work on you there. It takes a lot of time to remove makeup and then add new material.

Wash your hair the night before, it makes it much easier to style.

Avoid saucy or sugary foods the night before. They can make your skin look puffy.

Be prepared to compromise on your outfit with the photographer. Whatever you end up wearing must satisfy both your vision and the photographer’s vision for the shoot.

Rapport is key to the success of any shoot. Without this, the images will likely come out quite lifeless. This takes time – it’s not uncommon for the best shots to be taken at the end of a long shoot because this is when rapport is the strongest.

If you know what you want, speak up! This makes the photographer’s job much easier and will help ensure you’re happy with the final product.

Don’t be shy! If the photographer asks you to pose in a way that might ordinarily make you uncomfortable, give it a shot just to see what it looks like. You never know!



Quick Tips

One of the misconceptions revolving around photographers, one is that fancy camera equals fantastic photographer. Just because that person has a great camera doesn’t mean they know how to use it!

Another misconception is that the photographer is going to immediately make you look good. Subject and photographer must work together as a team to achieve the desired result.
Photo shoots are not as glamorous as the final product makes them seem! There’s a lot of hard, stressful work that goes on behind the scenes in order to reach that glamorous final product.

When selecting the final images for your shoot, remember what you are using these photographs for. Album cover? Poster? Online promo material? Pick photos that suit each of these environments inpidually. Think about your genre when it comes to retouching or photoshopping images from the shoot. If you’re a pop artist, then some nip and tuck is normal. However, for genres such as folk, a natural look (no retouching) is the norm and should be adhered to.

Make sure you retrieve your selected photos in a variety of file types, for web (smaller) and for print (maximum file size).



Singer: Lucinda Gallant
Photographer: Matthew Joseph
Makeup: Lillie Lindh

Shot@ Last Eight Recording Studio


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