Listening to your inner voice to help the healing process

Have you ever tried to force something in your life to happen? You try and try to make it work, but it doesn’t, and when you release it and let it go, you often arrive at the outcome you wanted; just by a different route.

How often when doing this, does a little voice inside you pipe up and say ‘this doesn’t feel right, you are on the wrong path’? How often do we listen to that voice?

This is true for all we do, whether making a big decision, singing or allowing our bodies to heal. Many times when I see clients who are hurting in one part of their body, it becomes abundantly clear that they have a health problem rather than a joint or muscle problem.IMAGE_Stressed out canstockphoto16052356

The thing is we become so disconnected from ourselves, that we forget that our bodies often know what it is that they need, and all we need to do is stop interfering with this process. Interference means staying up too late watching TV when we are tired and need to rest, filling up our days with low value priorities, thus creating extra stress, and putting non- foods into our body for nourishment.

Interference means physical practices that aren’t helpful, and, all too often, a nervous system that isn’t allowing our bodies to function, feel and heal the best that it can. We are receiving signals all the time from ourselves that this is not the right thing to do, but we often ignore them. Ignoring them, or choosing to take chemicals to quieten that inner voice isn’t just counter-productive, it can be very negative for your health in the long term.

So if you want to express yourself whether through song, or perfect health, then spend some time getting to know your body. Do you wake up feeling rested every day? Do you have good energy throughout your day without feelings of anxiety? Do you get any little symptoms, and can you have a full restful night’s sleep? If not, you are probably missing something.

Making sure you have no physical, chemical or emotional stress on your body will often allow the healing to happen. Here are some suggestions:

Physical stress

Have you had your nervous system checked lately to make sure that you are getting full function through your spinal cord to your body? The nervous system is how the healing happens, so this is a good place to begin. If not, get your nervous system and spine checked by your chiropractor.
Are you completely sedentary? You cannot be healthy if you are not exercising. Conversely, make sure you are not overtraining.

Chemical stress

Are you choosing your food based on what will nourish you, or what is easy? Give your eating habits a review, and remember that everything you put into your body will either move you towards health or away from it. It’s your choice.

Mental/Emotional stress

Think of it this way: continuous sitting can put stress on your body during your working hours, emotional distress will affect you for 24 hours a day for however long it is present. Find a way to unwind your mind and reduce the effect that this will have on you. Try resting for 20 minutes a day focusing on just your breath.

Listen to your inner voice, and let the healing happen 

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