Learn to sing jazz with Trudy Kerr and Anita Wardell

Jazz singing

Jazz lovers can learn about vocal technique, phrasing, rhythm and artistry at a five-day singing course in London later this month.

Whether you’re an experienced jazz singer looking to expand your repertoire or a newcomer keen to explore the genre, the Jazz Singing School can provide that crucial next step in your musical journey.

The school is holding its annual summer course from 15 to 19 July in Southwark, London, and as always international jazz virtuosos Trudy Kerr and Anita Wardell will be at the helm.

Australian-born Trudy Kerr is a renowned singer and teacher. She’s gigged all over the world and released 11 albums; her latest is Take Five: The music of Paul Desmond (available on Jazzizitrecords).

Anita Wardell has previously been named Best Jazz Vocalist by British Jazz. In recent months she’s toured New Caledonia, Australia, UK and Europe. She’s currently working on writing new vocaleses and is about to record.  

The two artists spoke to iSing about the summer course.

You’ve been running the course since 2015. Why do you do it?

We love imparting knowledge and witnessing the progress of every student on the course. Some people come back every year and it’s so wonderful to see how they have moved on with their singing and performance skills.

Who is the course for? 

Anyone who is curious about jazz singing and what it entails and those who are passionate and want to keep on learning, searching and improving. We work to the level of the student which keeps it interesting for us as well as the students.

What do you teach on the course? 

Repertoire, improvisation, rhythm, vocal technique, jazz phrasing, musicianship, artistry and jazz performance. The singers will also experience working with an accompanist and a band. They will learn how to count the songs in, lead intros and endings and how to personalise a song using lyrics, dynamics and phrasing. 

What sort of feedback have you had from students?

Here’s a flavour of what our students tell us. This was from a student Sarah: “I really liked the fact that there were so many opportunities to sing and try things out. I was particularly impressed that I got the chance to perform in a concert setting with a band. This was helpful as we could put into practice what we learnt.

“I enjoyed the process of how to learn to improvise. Anita took us through some basic steps, and we progressed to some more complex exercises by the end of the five days. The course had a great atmosphere and knowledgeable teachers. I would definitely do it again.”

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