Learn how to master the transition with our Technical Tools webinar replay

If you’re a singer looking to master the transition between your lower and upper register, check out the replay of iSing’s Bridging The Gap webinar.

Vocalists of all levels and experience struggle with their transition and can find it difficult to sing through this area – also known as the passaggio, the break or the bridge – evenly. They may be able to sing low or high, but it all goes to pot when they try to shift from the lower to the upper voice.

You might be having problems with the transition if, as you go higher in pitch, your voice: cracks; sounds yelled; flips into falsetto; goes off pitch; or you can’t engage that chestier/fuller resonance throughout your range.

Some vocalists figure out how to “style” around these problems, but there is another way. With the right training you can gain the control and freedom to sing exactly how you want to sing.

During the webinar top vocal coaches Line Hilton (who is also iSing’s founder) and Ian Davidson (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts) explain what the transition is and how to find it. They also go in detail about the factors that influence the transition such as lyrics, melody direction, vocal technique and vocal fitness.

With advice on suitable vocal exercises to strengthen this area this webinar focuses on how to get control of this tricky little beast.

Our mission is to empower the singer through their voice, performance, health, understanding of the biz, and mindset so they can go out and create to their heart’s content.