Lady Gaga steals the show at this year’s Academy Awards

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was the star of the show at this year’s Academy Awards, picking up an Oscar and putting in a stand-out live performance.

There were two things we loved about this year’s Academy Awards and both involved Lady Gaga.

Firstly, there was her duet with Bradley Cooper – a major talking point at this year’s event, and for good reason. It was a show-stealing performance that received two standing ovations.

Midway through the awards, and with no introduction, Gaga and Cooper left their seats in the audience and made their way, hand in hand like newlyweds, to the stage to sing Shallow, from their film A Star is Born.

A suitably dapper Cooper was wise enough to leave the vocal heavy lifting to Gaga. She delivered, with a performance that built in intensity and power before pulling back to end on a gentler note, with Cooper canoodling next to her at the piano.

It wasn’t necessarily a note perfect performance, but with just a piano and guitar for accompaniment it felt intimate and honest. The frisson between the pair was palpable and sent social media into meltdown.

And the Oscar goes to….

No sooner had the fuss died down than Gaga was back on stage, collecting an Oscar for best original song for Shallow, alongside Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando and Andrew Wyatt.

Gaga is now the first person to ever win an Oscar, Bafta, Grammy and Golden Globe all in the same year, an award grand slam so to speak.

In her acceptance speech, she tearfully said: “It’s not about winning. What it’s about is not giving up.”

We liked this because we love a fighter and Lady Gaga has shown plenty of resilience in a career that has had highs and lows, and countless reinventions. Interestingly throughout it all there’s been one constant: vocal coach Don Lawrence.

Gaga’s vocal coach

Lady Gaga started working with Lawrence when she was 13 and it’s reported that to this day she still warms up with him every night when she’s on tour (albeit over the phone).

Lawrence has also trained Christina Aguilera, Mick Jagger and Axl Rose. His approach is centred on the bel canto technique, although he’s modernised it for contemporary singers. Lawrence told the Wall Street Journal that his advice to all singers is to practice regularly, warm up and avoid booze as it dries out the vocal cords. Pretty sound advice if you ask us.

Main image: Courtesy Sipa USA/SIPA USA/PA Images