Keep the #MeToo momentum going and comment on consultation


Singers can have their say on the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace.

It’s almost two years since #MeToo lifted the lid on the ugly side of the entertainment industry. In that time lots has been said and written about sexual harassment in the workplace, but real change is still a work in progress.

Thankfully, several industry bodies such as the Musicians’ Union (MU) are working to keep the issue on the agenda. It’s urging people to take part in a government consultation that asks if the current laws on protecting people from sexual harassment in the workplace are effective.

The consultation is made up of 19 questions, five of which relate to freelancers, a key priority area for the MU.

The reason for this focus is because research shows that the self-employed are the most likely (but by no means the only) to experience inappropriate behaviour.

A study of 600 musicians carried out by the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM), found 60% had been sexually harassed. The majority of those who had experienced harassment were self-employed women.

Furthermore, the report found many performers felt particularly at risk when touring. (The late nights, tour buses and hotels obviously leaving some feeling vulnerable and perhaps less able to stand their ground.)

If you feel strongly on the issue, here’s a link to the consultation.

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