Jamie Cullum, Nadine Shah and other top artists call on music lovers to support indie venues

Jamie Cullum, Nadine Shah, hip hop legend Darryl “DMC” McDaniels and Portishead’s Adrian Utley are this week flying the flag for indie venues.

They’re urging music fans to support this at-risk sector of the music industry by catching a gig in their local town or city.

More than 160 shows are taking place across the UK for Independent Venue Week (29 January for 4 February) to highlight the precarious state of the live music scene and celebrate the contribution it makes to artistic development.

Indie venues are a lifeblood for emerging artists, giving them scope to hone their performance skills and develop their musical identity. But they’re closing at an alarming rate; over the past ten years about 40 per cent of music venues in the UK have shut their doors.

Nadine Shah says: “Don’t get me wrong I’m all for a fancy sit down gig in some elaborate venue but I’ll take a sweat fest in some small dive any day of the week. Being so close to a stage and properly submerging yourself in a show is hard to top.

“As a musician it gives me a proper thrill to have the audience so close, they don’t miss a trick so I have to pull my finger out and really up my game.”

Jamie Cullum says: “Indie venues are places where people take chances on new talent or established, under the radar talent that deserves a stage. Growing up and attending gigs at independent venues was essential to me and my developing tastes that didn’t fit into the mainstream.”

So do your bit, enjoy some live music. CLICK HERE for a full list Independent Venue Week gigs.

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