#iSing: September’s new music

iSing takes a look at new music from Barns Courtney, Pete Wilde and Velvet and Stone.

Barns Courtney
Anglo American singer-songwriter Barns Courtney has just released two new singles worth checking out, 99 and Good Thing. Courtney shot to prominence last year with his anthemic debut album The Attractions of Youth and possesses a deep, bluesy voice and the ability to out-swagger Jagger. After spending much of this year touring the US, Courtney will play a series of UK venues including London’s Heaven on 15 November. This is good news for rock fans as social media is awash with praise for his energetic live performances and pictures of him looking glassy-eyed and sweaty on stage. His recent cover of Lana Del Ray’s Blue Jeans shows the party boy has a softer side too.

Website: barnscourtney.com


Pete Wilde
Singer and guitarist Pete Wilde has plenty of “life experience” behind him. His childhood was blighted by a troubled relationship with his father (a church music director) and his teenage years were marred by drugs and violence (he witnessed the murder of his best friend). Wilde wound up in prison where he found salvation in music; not just any music but what he describes as “black rock” – songs that stay true to the sound and spirit of the black voices who pioneered the rock genre. After serving his time, the flamboyant Californian funded his dream of becoming a professional musician by roasting coffee (how very LA). Wilde’s latest single Lucy is a sexy rock number with fierce guitar licks and an even fiercer falsetto.

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Velvet and Stone
The latest single from West country folk quartet Velvet and Stone is High Tide, a song that explores the themes of loss and gratitude through intimate vocals, delicate guitars and a soaring violin. Claiming Devonshire fiddler Seth Lakeman as an influence, Velvet and Stone weave traditional, folk and contemporary elements to create a unique, ethereal soundscape. The quartet comprising of Lara Snowdon (guitar and vocals), Kathryn Tremlett (violin), Kev Jackson (guitar) and Paddy Blight (double bass) have just enjoyed summer on the festival circuit, and will donate the proceeds from their latest single to Cancer Research UK.

Website: velvetandstonemusic.com

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