#iSing: November’s new music

iSing takes a look at new music from Charlie Melrose, The Lighthouse and Bryony Dunn.

Charlie Melrose

Charlie Melrose comes from musical stock: her aunt is eighties star Hazel O’Connor and her dad Neil O’Connor fronted punk band The Flys and worked with the likes of The Human League. But this father-daughter relationship is complicated, and a subject Melrose explores in her latest single The Original Ghost.

O’Connor was often away working during Melrose’s childhood. “But instead of hating him, I just used to see him as this amazing person who kept leaving because I was probably rubbish… you know how children’s brains work?” explains Melrose.

In the end, her father’s work took over and Melrose felt abandoned. Despite her attempts to maintain a relationship with her father, he ended up cutting off contact and “ghosting” her. The Original Ghost is lyrical, sad and empowering. Check it out.

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The Lighthouse

These five Belgian boys pride themselves on writing songs “that feel like Fridays”. They broke through in their homeland in 2017 after the national broadcaster StuBru named them ones to watch. Since then The Lighthouse’s brand of catchy, melodic pop has won them an ever growing fanbase – their 2017 EP Joyride clocked up two million streams on Spotify. Now they’re back with a new single, Catch Fire, which tells the story of two people falling in and out of love throughout their lives.

Website: thelighthousesound.com 

Bryony Dunn

The latest release from this UK-based singer-songwriter is Full Bloom, a song about “living in the moment” and finding someone who “brings out the best in you”. It’s classic pop with an ethereal twist, drawing on Dunn’s experiences as a teenager and her memories of growing up in the Narnia-like Surrey Hills. Dunn is influenced by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Supertramp and Lorde.

Website: bryonydunn.co.uk  

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