#ising: June’s emerging talent

iSing takes a look at music from Steele, Delta Sleep and Kailee Morgue.


Swedish singer Steele has pulled off a rare feat: she’s made a pop album brimming with emotion. Paroxysm, out this month, is an electro-noir affair with lyrics inspired by the artist’s own near-death experience that are both dark and life-affirming. Stockholm-based Steele was a rising star when a bout of meningitis left her with epilepsy and in need of a complete lifestyle overhaul. Out went booze and fags and in came a new, unapologetic determination to follow her musical instincts, regardless of what other people think. The result is strangely entrancing. Watch her previous single Follow for a taste of what’s to come.

Website: iamsteele.com

Delta Sleep

Things are ramping up for Brighton quartet Delta Sleep who’ll spend the summer performing on the UK festival circuit, then head Stateside for a series of gigs. Devin Yuceil, Glen Hodgson, Dave Jackson and Blake Mostyn have been on the indie rock scene as Delta Sleep for a good few years and enjoyed wide acclaim three years ago with their debut album Twin Galaxies. The boys, known for their intense live shows, have just released a new single El Pastor. An album will follow soon. Watch this space.

Website: deltaspeel.bandcamp.com

Kailee Morgue

Green-haired gothic pop siren Kailee Morgue broke through last year with Medusa, a hypnotic number that went viral on Twitter. The 19-year-old is back with F**k U produced by Dylan Brady (The Neighbourhood, Jesse Rutherford, Goody Grace, Night Lovell, Nessly). Morgue was born in Pheonix and grew up listening to Stevie Nicks, Gwen Stefani, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. At ten, she picked up her first guitar, began quietly penning music and eventually started posting tracks on Soundcloud. Morgue is now based in LA where she’s been working on new music with her label Republic Records.

Website: kaileemorgue.com



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