#iSing: July’s new music

July's new music

Check out new music from Amistat, EMM and SK.


German twins Josef and Jan Prasil, aka Amistat, earnt their performing stripes on the streets of Melbourne after relocating to Australia in 2013. They steadily built a name for themselves thanks to their honest storytelling and tight-knit harmonies. The brothers enjoyed support from influential radio station Triple J and played the festival scene in Oz, but then developed itchy feet and decided to move back to Europe.

To coincide with their return to the northern hemisphere, they’ve released Far From Home, an emotive work that muses on the theme of displacement and the meaning of “home”. Amistat are currently on tour in Europe with Aussie indie folk trio Sons of the East. They’re planning a headline tour later this year.

Website: amistatmusic.com


Fiesty singer-songwriter and producer EMM left small town Michigan at the age of 16 and headed to New York. The classically trained musical prodigy was keen to distance herself from her religious upbringing – one that told her she should be ashamed of her body and her sexuality.

But life as a young woman in the Big Apple wasn’t easy and she battled eating disorders, mental health issues and misogyny. (EMM says got fed up with repeatedly being told by industry execs how to be a “pretty, sellable, clean cut object”).

None of this, thankfully, was enough to stop her chasing her pop dream and in 2018 the artist, now based in LA, released the single Freedom, which racked up five million YouTube views.

Listen to her latest single, the no apologies dance anthem Satisfied, HERE.

Website: emminreallife.com


Luton-born SK was raised on the sounds of Aretha Franklin and Donny Hathaway before gravitating in her teen years towards jazz and R’n’B. All these influences are present in her music, which has a hypnotic, neo-soul vibe.

Now based in London, SK has spent the past few years gigging with her band The Kings and perfecting her solo material. Her first single Nostalgia, released earlier this year, was well received. Next up is When You Know, based on SK’s experience of falling head over heels.

“I’m one of those people who wears their heart on their fingertips,” she says. “I met someone and I fell in love with them very quickly – we moved in together after seven days. It was the way he looked at me, he saw completely and accepted all of my insecurities and flaws and loved me anyway.” Listen HERE to When You Know.

Website: skandthekings.com

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