#iSing: February’s new music

New music

Check out the latest music from Charly Bliss, Ferris & Sylvester and Yld.

Charly Bliss

New York four-piece Charly Bliss make music best described as bubblegum grunge – an infectious mix of effervescent beats and dark lyrics.

“In my opinion, the two best emotional releases are crying and dancing, so it makes sense to me to marry the two,” says lead vocalist Eva Hendricks.

The band formed in 2014 and for many years combined sensible day jobs with the demands of gigging and recording. But the making of their latest album marked a point of departure – they all handed in their notices to focus solely on music. The result is Young Enough, their most sophisticated album yet (set for release in May). The first single, Capacity, is out now.

Website: charlybliss.com

Ferris & Sylvester

2019 is shaping up to be quite a year for duo Ferris & Sylvester. In January they performed a BBC Introducing live session at Maida Vale Studios, which aired on Cerys Matthews’ Blues Show on BBC Radio 2. Next month they’ll head to Austin, Texas, to make their SXSW debut. In the meantime, they’re on their first ever headline tour of the UK and Ireland and busy promoting new single Sickness. The track has a more expansive sound than some of their previous work, but still retains the Ferris & Sylvester trademarks of beautiful throaty vocals and blues-inspired guitar. We like.

Website: ferrisandsylvester.com

YLD and collaborators

Five supreme vocalists from both sides of the Atlantic helped London-based songwriter/producer, YLD (pronounce “wild”), aka Geoff Wilkinson, make his new album, YLD is wild. Wilkinson is something of an industry veteran and best known as a member of seminal jazz/rap group Us3. With this his debut album he ventures into R&B territory and joining him for the ride are West End stars Kelly Agbowu, Robin May and Liisi LaFontaine, along with Liz Jai and Courtney Bennett.

“I noticed an abundance of great underground vocalists in London and wanted to showcase the best I could find,” he says of his collaborators. “All of the singers [on the album] have their own individual styles and it was a real treat working with them in my studio.”

Check out the first single from the album, Give Me Your Love, featuring Lisa Jai.

Follow him on Twitter @YLDiswild

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