Hurry and apply for PRS Emerging Artists Grant

UK emerging artists have until Sept 7th to apply for the PRS Emerging Artist Fund. Artists and bands can access this innovative financing model with hands-on support from PledgeMusic to set up a direct-to-fan campaign, as well as grant support of up to £2500 from the PRS Foundation to help you supplement funds raised from the campaign.

To be eligible for funding, PRS are looking for UK artists that can demonstrate:

  • development to a point at which their musical output is already significant, and that funding will help create outstanding new music, as judged by an external advisor network;
  • a growing fan base (both live and online) and can provide a credible narrative as to how they would benefit from the PledgeMusic direct-to-fan process;
  • an understanding of the DIY ethos and have a realistic and practical plan/strategy of what they need to do next to move their careers forward;
  • at least two commercially viable releases and achieved a level of interest around those releases, as evidenced by local media coverage and at least one national radio broadcast.

Read the iSing Magazine interview with singer, Estée Blu. She talks about her self-funding experience after receiving funding last year from the MOBOs and HelpMusiciansUK

More info about this and other PRS funds HERE


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