How to edit music videos – tips for beginners

If you don’t have the budget to commission a professional film-maker to shoot your music videos, then follow the lead of singer-songwriter Elena Ramona and do it yourself. Ramona taught herself how to edit music videos and is now an accomplished videographer.

She shot the video for her most recent single Neon Lights in a room in her local pub and then edited it at home. Here are the results.

Here are Elena’s ten top tips for editing music videos

1. There is a wealth of information available online so do your research. Look at YouTube tutorials about how to begin editing simple visuals to audio tracks.

2. Experiment with just a video clip. Cut it up, move it around and practice using simple but effective transitions and fonts provided with most video editing software.

3. Practice with a recorded video and audio of you singing. Mute the video and use the audio as your guide. This will help you when learning to sync up a video.

4. Don’t be scared to fail a few times and produce material that is really out of sync. The more you do it, the better you’ll get and the easier you’ll find syncing.

5. Start with simple software, such as iMovie. As your confidence and skills grow, move on to software such as Final Cut Pro which will give you lots more effects to play with.

6. Ask people you trust for honest opinions. This is critical because after staring at the same video for a while it all merges into one and you could miss vital mistakes.

7. Make sure your vision for how your music video should look is realistic. Remember if you can’t create something one way, there’ll be another way to create something very similar.

8. Create a few different versions of the video and pick best parts from each to add to the final edit.

9. Be patient. It may take longer than you think to finish.

10. Enjoy it! It’s a fun process.

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