Two for one! How In Ear Monitors (IEM) can save your hearing and your voice!

Last time Jono Heale from Advanced Communication Solutions (ACS) spoke to audiologist Paul Checkley about hearing and hearing protection. In this article he speaks to music artists Rodney Branigan and Jaki Graham about the benefits of wearing custom-fit In Ear Monitors (IEM) for hearing protection, singing and performance. You can use them for live performance and, as Rodney explains, they’re great for recording as there is no bleed from other instruments.

Jono, Rodney and Jaki Graham talk about the process of getting the ear molds made, why it’s important for singers to have an open mouth impression, how many drivers you need in the IEM to get high fidelity sound, and the benefits of the special materials ACS uses for the IEMs.

Jono explains what the occlusion effect is and how ACS have overcome this issue by adding a microphone into their IEMs. As Jaki points out this has reduced the temptation to push her voice during performances. Rodney and Jaki give their advice to the next generation of artists regarding hearing conservation.

Jono explains how the IEM Dehumidifier works and how using this will reduce any humidity damage on your IEMs.

Also if you are a Tribe Member, ASC and Harley Street Hearing are offering members a discount on hearing tests, fittings and IEMs. Another great reason to join The Tribe!

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