How Ayana George aced her John Legend audition

Denosh Bennett talks to one of the singers who successfully got through the John Legend open audition, Ayana George.

When word got out that John Legend was holding a nationwide search for backing vocalists, singers of every design, shape, colour and vocal ability turned out to vie for a place on his next tour.

I went along to the open audition in Los Angeles on a hot March day and spoke to hopefuls about their experience and their audition prep routines and secrets.

When I left Sunset Boulevard that day, I felt proud of the sisterhood: the competition had been fierce, but the vibe among this talented group was one of camaraderie. Despite knowing a few faces on Legend’s team, I was none the wiser as to who would strike gold and win a covetable spot on his tour.

Fast forward a few months later, I tried to hire a singer called Ayana George for another job and found she was unavailable, as she was getting ready to start rehearsals for Legend’s Darkness and Light Tour.

I discovered this seasoned, humble vocal powerhouse had put her reservations aside and joined the Legend audition queue in New York, waiting in a cold wind in Manhattan’s midtown for her chance to show what she could do and claim the job for herself.

So how did she do it? What drives her? And how has her faith shaped her music career, re-defined her purpose and motivated her to inspire others? 

Watch the videos to find out.

Ayana George Interview Part 1 “In The Beginning”

Ayana George Interview Part 2 “Becoming Professional”

Ayana George Interview Part 3 “Working With John Legend and Beyond”

Ayana George Interview Part 4 “The Solo Sessions & words of wisdom”


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Denosh Bennett is a Canadian-born singer, dancer and artistic director with two decades of experience in the entertainment industry. Her versatility and broad résumé has led her to tour as a dancer and/ or backing vocalist with many international artists including Faith Evans, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Drake, Whitney Houston, Robbie Williams, Demi Lovato and Rihanna.