How a sex toy can help with vocal fatigue and tension

Vocal fatigue and tension is commonplace among singers. There are many reasons for it a singer may suffer from vocal tension. Stress, postural issues, poor vocal technique, costumes, choreo/movement, ill health and physical fatigue.

Vibration is the essence of our craft. We are able to sing due to vibration. Just as a guitarist performs by vibrating strings, we are able to perform by vibrating our vocal cords. However, the slightest bit of tension can harm that vibration and cause issues in both our singing and speaking voice.

Vibrant Vocal Technique (VVT) offers a revolutionary approach to enhancing your voice and relieving vocal fatigue and tension.

Founder, David Ley, who is Professor of Voice at the University of Alberta, came up with the surprising (yet simple) idea of using a vibrator (yup, we do mean a sex toy) to counteract vocal fatigue and relieve unwanted muscle tension effecting the voice. VVT have had great success with not only performers but also business people, teachers, lecturers and public speakers.

In this video David Ley and Elissa Weinzimmer from VVT talk about how this idea came about, how they are assisting others, and how you can benefit from VVT.


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