Help! I think I have stage fright

If you’ve ever suffered from stage fright then you’re in good company: the condition made John Lennon vomit, sent Adele running for the fire exit and kept Barbra Streisand off the stage for 27 years.

Stage fright aka performance anxiety can be debilitating and, at its most extreme, career ending, which is why iSingmag’s founder and editor Line Hilton has produced a webinar on the subject.

In Help! I think I have stage fright! the Performing Arts Medicine specialist outlines the symptoms and triggers of the condition, and strategies to manage it.

“There are a number of important things to remember about performance anxiety,” Hilton says. “Firstly, it isn’t a question of talent. Sometimes when singers experience stage fright they start to question themselves and doubt their abilities, but they shouldn’t. Some of the greatest singers of all time – Barbra and Adele to name just two – have suffered from the condition.

“The second thing is performance anxiety isn’t rational. It can come on at any time and affect even the most experienced of singers.

“But there is good news. If you do experience performance anxiety you are not alone and there are many ways you manage it. The most important thing is to be proactive, don’t let it control you.”

While any performer can experience stage fright, the condition can be particularly crippling for singers as it can cause: a dry throat, throat tightness, difficulty breathing, uncontrollable shaking, nausea, vomiting and memory blanks.

If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms and want to find out more about the condition and how it affects singers then watch the replay of  the Help! Think I Have Stage Fright webinar Line Hilton presented to learn some tools and tricks to help you manage it. 

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