Guy Sebastian on beating reflux

Guy Sebastian on reflux

Australian singer Guy Sebastian reveals the advice that helped him deal with voice killer reflux.

A few years back Guy Sebastian began experiencing vocal difficulties – and immediately feared the worst.

The self-taught singer, who is currently promoting new track Choir, had always enjoyed good vocal health so the sudden change was concerning and mystifying.

“I went through a stage where I couldn’t even get through a song,” he says. “I was worried I had nodules. I cancelled my gigs and went to see two different ENTs. They both took a look and told me there was nothing physically wrong. No polyps, no nodules.”

The problem, they said, was psychological. “They thought it was the yips [an expression used in the sports world when an athlete inexplicably finds themselves unable to perform].

“That didn’t feel right to me, but I went and had counselling anyway.”

When counselling didn’t improve the situation, Sebastian consulted a third doctor. “Finally, I went and saw a third ENT who said ‘Look at all the shiny stuff on your cords, that’s acid. Reflux is the problem’.”

The Aussie singer was advised to avoid red wine, red meat, scotch and tomato-based foods.

“I followed this advice and it worked, I’ve not had any problems since,” he says.

As well as watching his diet, Sebastian also gets plenty of sleep and vocal rest when he’s on the road.

“When I’m on tour I’m so boring,” he says. “But it’s the only way I can get back up there the next night.”

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